Carriage Garage Doors - Custom & Hand-made
Custom Craftsman Garage Doors.  Choose the opening style that meets your garage door requirements:  Roll-up in sections, Swing-out, Swing-in, Slide, or Fold for your carriage house garage door.
REAL Carriage Doors for your carriage house built and installed to open as Swing-out Carriage Doors.  Other opening styles for these Hinged Carriage Doors include:  Swing-out, Slide, or Fold.  The choice is yours for a carriage house door!
My hand-made custom garage doors and REAL carriage doors are built to last for years.  You will save money, obtain
superior craftsmanship and a higher grade of premium materials by selecting ONE Company, to provide
SERVICES for your hand-made carriage door or custom carriage doors - 100% on time & right the first time.  You
deserve the best.  
Contact me today to schedule a garage door evaluation and design consultation.    Craig
Vintage Garage Door, LLC reserves the right to change designs, warranties, specifications or terms and conditions without notice.  
Copyright 2003  Craig L. Erwin  All rights reserved.
Phinney Ridge
Carriage Garage Doors for your carriage house garage
Carriage Garage Doors
Out-Swing or In-Swing Types
Seattle Carriage Garage Doors   
Craftsman 3panel / 6lite
Custom Garage Doors or REAL Carriage Doors will solve this ugly situation for your carriage house garage doors.  Other opening styles for Custom Garage Doors or Carriage Doors include:  Out-Swing, In Swing, Hinged, Swinging, Slide, or Fold.  The  choice is yours for a carriage house door, custom garage doors, or real carriage doors!
REAL Carriage Doors for your carriage house built and installed  to open as Swing-out Carriage Doors. Other opening styles for these Hinged or Swinging Carriage Doors include: Swing-out, In Swing, Slide, Fold, Hinged, Swinging.  The  choice is yours for a carriage house door!
REAL Carriage Doors for your carriage house built and installed to open as Swing-out Carriage Doors.  Other opening styles for these Hinged Carriage Doors include:  Swing-out, Slide, or Fold.  The choice is yours for a carriage house door!
Custom Craftsman Garage Doors.  Choose the opening style that meets your garage door requirements:  Roll-up in sections, Swing-out, Swing-in, Slide, or Fold for your carriage house garage door.
OUTSIDE styling is: Three Flat  Panel/Square Edge/Insulated/Three  Lite/Flush Back.  INSIDE styling  is: Flush Back/Fully Insulated.  The back of the insulated door is  a beautiful FLUSH finish and DOES  NOT EXTEND OR PROTRUDE out from  the surface of the door. Many  other outside and inside styling  choices are available including:  Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Square  Edges, and Profiled Edges for both  insulated and uninsulated real  carriage doors.
REAL Carriage Garage Doors by Vintage Garage Door LLC are hand-made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with FINISHES for
the following opening styles:  Hinged, Swinging, Swing-Out, Swing-In, and Swing as well as Slide and Fold carriage garage doors.

Note some of the PREMIUM quality Vintage Garage Door LLC builds into our hand-made REAL Carriage Garage Doors for your carriage house
  • Custom Douglas Fir jamb, vertical grain, solid non-finger jointed, with airtight replaceable weatherstripping
  • Heavy Duty Mortise Hinges 5" x 5", four sleeved ball bearing, non-ferrous, non-removable pin, four per door / total of eight, enabling each
    door to open and close with one finger for YEARS
  • Custom Metal Thresholds, wood, rubber.  ADA approved.  Custom Powdercoating available.
  • Fully mortised Flush Bolts or Surface Bolts
  • Custom Astragals with replaceable weatherstripping
  • Custom Door Bottoms and Sweeps
  • Door Styling
  • Flat Panel
  • Raised Panel
  • Square Edges
  • Profiled Edges
  • Insulated Doors and Body Panels
  • Deep, Extended Mortise & Tenon Joinery
  • Strong, Warm, Quiet and Weatherproof!
                   (More details below)                   
Carriage garage doors were historically built using exterior strap hinges with lag bolts or screws as fasteners to secure the door to the building.  Use of
these types of fasteners will greatly reduce the life of your real carriage garage doors.  The use of strap or external hinges is also a security risk as strap
hinges can be unscrewed in a matter of seconds allowing thieves into your home.   Also, these fasteners create a large hole for water to go directly into the
wood generating wood rot and failure.  Think about it - you only see this type of fastener on a barn door or garden gate, never an entry door to a house.  
Hinges are mortised into the side of doors for a reason - security, strength and protection from the elements.  Suggestion - add
ornamental hardware for the
look of a strapped hinge for your carriage garage doors

Real carriage house doors were also historically built without a jamb around the doors because the structure was a barn or a large shed with a non-square
opening in many instances.  The carriage doors were also trimmed, IE. cut, to the size of the non-square opening so you ended up with non-square doors
for your carriage garage.

Although door stop for your carriage garage doors may have been applied to the inside door edges, the wind and rain could seep or blow in from all around
the door - even if the installer could create a uniform gap all around the door.  The quality solution to do the job right is to mill and install a custom solid
wood jamb from a strong wood species like Douglas Fir, vertical grain, or Mahogany.

    Many so-called REAL Carriage House Doors built by others may
    be versions of a SHED DOOR using GATE HINGES------>

    REAL Carriage Doors by Vintage Garage Door LLC are hand-made of the highest quality materials and
    craftsmanship to last for YEARS - and we FINISH the job!  Our carriage garage doors are built to last, not to fail.

Carriage House Garage Doors by Vintage Garage Door LLC are hand-made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with FINISHES for the
following opening styles:  Hinged, Swinging, Swing-Out, Swing-In, and Swing as well as Slide and Fold for your carriage garage doors.

REAL Carriage Doors - Built to Last for YEARS.  Strong, Warm, Quiet and Weatherproof!
Copyrighted Custom Garage Door.  Choose the opening style that meets your garage door requirements:  Roll-up in sections, Swing-out, Swing-in, Slide, or Fold for your carriage house garage doors.
OUTSIDE styling for the real carriage door ABOVE is:
Three Flat Panel / Square Edge / Insulated / Six Lite / Flush Back

INSIDE styling for the real carriage door on the LEFT is:
Flush Back / Fully Insulated

INSIDE styling for the real carriage door on the RIGHT is:
Profile Edge Back / Fully Insulated

The back of the insulated door is a beautiful FLUSH finish.  Of course, the
client could have chosen the following styles also.

Many other outside and inside styling choices are available including:  Flat
Panel, Raised Panel, Square Edges, and Profiled Edges for both insulated
and non-insulated real carriage doors.
REAL Carriage Doors for your carriage house built and installed to open as Swing-out Carriage Doors.  Other opening styles for these Hinged Carriage Doors include:  Swing-out, Slide, or Fold.  The choice is yours for a carriage house door!
Heavy Duty 5 inch x 5 inch Mortise Hinges, four sleeved ball bearing, non-ferrous, non-removable pin (slang term - NRP'd or
Metal Thresholds for Car Use with your Swing Carriage House Garage Doors - Durable, Weatherproof, STRONG, ADA, Traction Friendly, Space for Security Sensor Wire.  Why use a hollow threshold that will collaspe?
Metal Thresholds for Car Use with your Swing Carriage House Garage Doors - Durable, Weatherproof, STRONG, ADA, Traction Friendly, Space for Security Sensor Wire.  Why use a hollow threshold that will collaspe?
5" x 5" Heavy Duty Mortise Hinges
with four ball bearing sleeves, NPR'd
(details below)
Note some of the SUPERIOR, PREMIUM QUALITY Vintage Garage Door LLC builds into our hand-made REAL Carriage Garage Doors
Metal Thresholds for use with your Swing Carriage House
Garage Doors - Durable, Weatherproof, STRONG, Traction
Friendly, Security Sensor Wire space, ADA.  
(details below)
Custom Douglas Fir Jamb, vertical grain, solid non-finger jointed with airtight replaceable weatherstripping
Custom Douglas
Fir Jamb for your
carriage garage
Custom Douglas Fir Jamb, vertical grain, solid non-finger jointed with airtight replaceable weatherstripping
Custom Douglas Fir Jamb
Vertical grain, solid non-finger jointed
with airtight replaceable weatherstripping
Vintage Garage Door, LLC reserves the right to change designs, warranties, specifications or terms and conditions without notice.  
Copyright 2003  Craig L. Erwin  All rights reserved.
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